Testimonials - A

Master Miner


"The Madcarver’s work is simply amazing! The attention placed on depth, detail and the ability to create a 3-D effect is beyond imagination. I was astonished viewing the workmanship of this artist and knew that I had to acquire one. In fact, I am pursuing a second piece." 

Darrell Mathis, Southern California



“Randy's work is top notch. I love my piece which is called "Traveler". His style and vision just captures and evokes the feeling of all the classic fantasy works. Definitely one of the cornerstones of my collection.” 

Michael Kindle, Pennsylvania

The Four Horsemn of the Apcalypse


“The pure combination of artistry and craftsmanship! Look at those details on the rib cage! Such an amazing work by him. Hats-off! "The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" by Stoner wood carved on 30"x20.5"x7.5" Basswood” 

Joseph d. Artsonist

Vitality of Youth


“What an awesome detail and artwork!!! Hope you add it to your album, Randall. Gob smacking work” 

Gina Adam – B2Zone Art Magazine

Methodical Behavior


I don't know what I did to deserve  the opportunity to receive  this masterpiece.  The design, form, execution, professionalism; everything  is perfect.  I don't get too excited  about material  things in general.  I have a handful  of things I truly love. Literally like 5. This definitely makes the short list. It is the centerpiece  of my collection.  Everyone  needs to check out this man's beautiful  work. Spend your money  with him. You won't be disappointed.  Thank you Randall Stoner. My family  and I appreciate it more than you know. You all check out Madcarver. It's brilliant  work.

Jim Hughes - Lebanon, Missouri

Warrant – Expert in Chosen Field


After seeing Mr. Stoner's creativity and imagination on display in his artwork, I contacted him for the piece titled "Warrant". During the  initial conversation he asked what I wanted and I provided a graphic of the Warrant Officer emblem.  However, that was not sufficient  and Mr. Stoner wanted to know more.  He asked to know the history of the cohort and what being a member of it meant to me.  In other  words, he wanted to learn the spirit of the piece.  The completed piece was more than i had expected. Randall applied the history,  meaning and an ample helping of his creative styling to turn a flat graphic into a living piece of amazing artwork that i am proud to  display in my office.  I cannot thank the Madcarver enough for his creation and it continues to amaze me on a daily basis.

Ron Escobar, CO.

Testimonials -B

Pamala's Guardian


 Customer to provide soon 



"This stunning piece brought my vision of ancient Egypt to life and exceeded all my expectations. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. Every day I discover something new in it. It's absolutely amazing!"

Dana Escobar, WA.

Bird of Prey


“Artist Randy Stoner’s intricate hand-carved wooden sculptures are detailed masterpieces!  I commissioned an eagle carving from Randy for my husband.  The impressive eagle sculpture is superb in every realistic detail and captured in each individual feather!  We are very pleased to have one of Randy’s artistically designed sculptures!” 

Beth M., Southern California

Out On the River


My husband grew up in Louisiana. His fondest memory growing up was being out on the water fishing.  We live in fast pace California Bay Area.  When I showed him a picture of your work of art, OUT ON THE RIVER, he said he felt 'peace'.  I knew I needed to buy it for him.    It's even more stunning in person. Every time I look at it, there's another finite detail tickling my senses. I am just a California girl with a love of nature and outdoors.  Your piece makes me feel grounded.  Hard to be in this 'rat race' nowadays.   Thank you for sharing a bit of your soul with us. We will treasure it for as long as we live.  


Monika K., Northern California


 Customer to provide soon 


 Customer to provide soon