I take commissions of all types, including pets.

Randall Stoner, aka Madcarver Artwork Intro

Madcarver creates magical-realistic sculptures that depict scenes from years of reading fiction and observing the world around him. Also, he also creates custom works from pictures and or customer concepts.

Randall's Unique "Mad-Style"


An emotional bond from an experience, story, or thing I’ve viewed preludes the start of all my projects. One of the most frequent ways I find inspiration for my work is through the stories I love to read. Particularly moving passages permeate my thoughts and fuel my creative action. I find myself reliving the feelings of inhabiting this other reality so thoroughly that the "unreal” elements of the story, such as dwarfs & ogres, seem spectacularly real long after the book was finished. It is this immersion into their prosaic lives, monumental struggles, and epic successes that make it possible for me to create art that is worthy of the sentiment brought forth by the literature. 

- Cool wood carvings for sale both artist derived & custom wood carvings.


Commissions Accepted. Estimates shall be provided based on size and intricacy of project. Thank you for your interest in Sculptures by Randall Stoner, aka Madcarver!

Sculptures by Randall Stoner, aka Madcarver

Orange, California, United States