Randall "in a nut shell"



Randall Stoner has been sculpting artwork for over fifteen years, at his home studio in Orange County, California. The consistency of his work is very high where style, theme, palette, medium, and presentation are concerned.  This allows him to vary subject matter wherever creativity pulls him.  Randall is a consistent top tier award winning artist and has been featured in both online and paper magazines.  As a result, many private collectors have acquired his characteristically intriguing work through direct purchase and commission.



As a youth Randall was introduced to wood sculpting during a Boy Scout camping trip. Subsequent trips and practice resulted in obtaining the Wood Carving merit badge. It wasn’t until later in life after moving back to California, and back from Tokyo, Japan when in his later twenties he picked up wood carving in earnest, never to part with it again. Madcarver, as he is also known, made a huge jump forward with his completion of the artwork "Dwarven Rogue"; depicting a fantasy dwarf picking a lock in a dungeon setting.  After this piece, Randall new he could create anything.

Why "Madcarver"?


When I first began spending time in the workshop, those around me called it a hobby. After I started spending every waking minute of free time in there they called me crazy. As a result, it seemed appropriate to create the moniker "Madcarver".