The premise of this carving was to illustrate the nature of a talented thief. I was yearning to create a bold character, rich in facial features & expression, and garbed in the adventurer accouterments. By creating the backdrop of the huge dungeon door, chain, padlock, layered brick, inlay, and stone walls I wanted to move the onlooker into the scene.


This carving was a birthday present to my little sister, Chrissy. I came across a picture, moving through family circles, of her wearing a sarcastic smirk, sunglasses, and her dread locks. The challenge of creating a carving that people would compare with a living human being was a bit daunting. I spent countless hours removing slight amounts of would to get it just right.

Mother & Offspring

The idea behind this carving, which my imagination just kind of ran with, was the endearing love between a dolphin mother and child, in their natural habitat where they display superb artistry among the waves. Additionally, as with all my carvings, I wanted to create depth for the imagination, thus the island in the distance, even though the thickness of the actual wood is only four inches.