Magcal Realism / Fantasy

Dwarven Rogue - Artwork Dimensions: 19"x14"x2.25"


Desire to create the quintessential fantasy dwarf of our imaginings complete with adventurer’s gear, rich character, and back story. With the successful completion of this highly detailed woodcarving Randall recognized one simple but important truth: "If it’s on paper it can be created in wood". With the door now open, Randall proceeded to delve into greater and greater challenges like water, clouds, facial expressions, and pyrography for shadowing and more depth. Hence forth, everything that inspired him was available to him to carve.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Artwork Dimensions: 20.5"x30.0"x7.5"


Randall's inspiration for this work was to create an epic story from a well known concept.  Staying with the traditional views of the biblical story, Randy depicted the four horsemen on their dread stallions with the burning and broken mankind all around them.

Knowledge is Power - Artwork Dimensions 23"x15"x3.5"


"Different than all others" was what continually went through Randall's mind while developing this piece.  Many of the sculptures, drawings, and 3d art produced today, though great in appearance, seemed to rehash or recreate works previously done. This work was thought over for years before taking chisel to wood.  The main theme is studies produce results, and there can never be enough gathered knowledge from which to draw on.

Master Miner - Artwork Dimensions: 18"x24"x7.5"


This piece tells a story of the master traveling through underground tunnels, corridors, and passages in search of raw materials; with a possibility of also looking for treasure of some nature. He appears to have the accoutrements of one that is in the endeavor for the long haul. This adds to the ambiance that he is knowledgeable of his needs, location, purpose, and mastery.

"..try not.." - Artwork Dimensions: 13.25"x11.25"x3.0"


This was a commission to show Randall's work at the 2017 Star Wars Cenvention, in Orlando.

Traveler - Artwork Dimensions: 15"x11.5"x3"


Randall's inspiration for this derivative piece, from Matthew Stewart drawing, was the accumulation of memories from novels read through my years. This character exemplifies "Relief" at finding a tavern, and "being off the road" where he can await his companions.

Ambush - Artwork Dimensions: 9"x11"x2.5"


For this piece I envisioned a popular fantasy creature, a dragon of moderate size, awaiting prey in a hidden place.  I then consolidated the scene to its most pertinent details, such as the braches, leaves and an iconic dragon eye.


Defend the Battlements - Artwork Dimensions: 24"x10"x3"


Castle defenders fighting off the horde..

Master Blacksmith - Artwork Dimensions: 20"x8"x3.5"


Randall wanted to create an epic wood carving of a dwarf craftsman.  A character from fantasy literature that came to mind over and over again was named “Dolgan” from the novels of the Rift War Saga, by Raymond E. Feist.

Just Off the Road - Artwork Dimensions: 21"x13.5"x3"


An Adventurer awaiting friends at a tavern near the docks.

No Silent Escape - Artwork Dimensions: 20"x17"x4"


A fantasy thief trying to escape his actions of the night.

Not Too Bright - Artwork Dimensions: 32"x24"x8"


An oafish ogre guard, put at an unimportant location with no responsibility

Scavenger - Artwork Dimensions: 10.5"x19.5"x3.0"


A goblin scavenger looking for an opportunity to loot..

Commissioned Artwork

Anubis - Artwork Dimensions: 24"X8.0"X3.0"


Customer Commission

Lucky Elephant - Artwork Dimensions: 18"x16"x4.5"


Customer Commission

Love Birds - Artwork Dimensions: 16.5"x11.0"x3.0"


Customer Commission

Warrant - Artwork Dimensions: 17"x11"x3"


Customer Commission

Methodical Behavior - Artwork Dimensions: 17"x11.5"x4.0"


Customer Commission

Mother and Offspring - Artwork Dimensions: 20"x10"x3.5"


Customer Commission

Diligent Overlook - Artwork Dimensions: 12"x9".5"x1.75"


Customer Commission

Remembering Pelican Hills - Artwork Dimensions: 13"x10"x1.75"


Customer Commission

Bird of Prey - Artwork Dimensions: 6"x9.25"x1.75"


Customer Commission

Kamae in all Things - Artwork Dimensions: 17.5"x10.5"x3.0"


Customer Commission

Muskie Fishing - Artwork Dimensions: 24.5"x10.5"x3"


Customer Commission

Ranger on the Outskirts - Artwork Dimensions: 12.5"x6.25"x1.25"


Customer Commission

Serine Travels - Artwork Dimensions: 25.5"x20.5"x2.75"


Customer Commission

Tiger Swallowtails - Artwork Dimensions: 15.5"x14.5"x3.5"


Customer Commission

Human Form

A Windy Day - Artwork Dimensions: 12"x10"x1.75"


Currenty on exhibition (for sale) at "Discover EAS Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA.  The skill learned here was to create a slight, feminine human form without many human details. I wanted to challenge myself in creating wrinkles…everywhere.

Embrace - Artwork Dimensions: 12"x10"x3"


I created this right after "A Windy Day".  The challenge I was after was creating hands and body in the correct proportions.

Vitality of youth - Artwork Dimensions: 24"x19"x3.5"


I wanted to know if I could create youth and vitality of both sexes, together.  It was a challenge to myself to sculpt beauty, youth, and vitality in the female and male form.

Musical Contemplation - Artwork Dimensions: 13"x10"x3"


Randall‘s first thought was that he appeared to be deep in thought while simultaneously playing the harmonica.  He wanted to recreate that feeling in wood.

Pipes - Artwork Dimensions: 24"X8.0"X3.0"


Madcarver tells us that he carved this because all humans want to learn a musical instruments but don’t have the time, energy and /or skill to do so, and that they wish they could. Randall is partial to the flute and harmonica and in another life would have perused it/them.

Peak of Skill & Dedication - Artwork Dimensions: 23.5"x3.5"x1.5"


I wanted to show the incredible skills that the ballet instills in their participants.